Transistor Radios

I normally do not collect transistor radios but here are a
few that made it into my collection.

This is a near mint 1959 Silvertone leather transistor radio which was found on ebay.

This is a A.B.C. Hifi 14 transistor radio in its original box with leather case
that was given to my by a friend of mine who was cleaning out his house. It amazes
me how the manufacture would claim hi fidelity out of a small 2 inch speaker

Here is a gorgeous 12 transistor Star Fire radio with a Stainless Steel front.
This radio looks like it was never used as the radio and case are in perfect condition

This is a 2 transistor Echo Radio. I have the original back and thumb screws
that hold the back cover on. The back cover is stamped with Boy's Radio on it.

RCA Victor radio with case, used and abused.

9 transistor Airline radio that I didn't have the heart to throw away.

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